Still Productions is a Portuguese production company that started its activity in 1995. Being one of the oldest companies in this area, the client portfolio, know-how and experience acquired over years of activity allow us to be a reference in the national and international market, with the production of more than 500 advertising comercials.

The diversity and specificity of each project endowed us with the capacity for a efficient and flexible technical response, allowing us to build a diversified network of suppliers and collaborators from different artistic and technical areas, in Portugal and around the World.

Its founder and CEO, José Neto, began his career at Opus Filmes in French co-productions, notably in the film “Formula 1” for TF1 and CANADA, shot in several countries, such as Portugal, France, Mexico, England and Monaco, directed by António Pedro Vasconcelos and Paul Planchon, and Ivan Shiffer's “Stolker” (Who's That Man).He later joined the Animatógrafo team, with António da Cunha Teles in French co-productions, such as Nuits Blanches and Ennemis Intime, shot in Funchal, in the Madeira Islands

While still in the Animatógrafo, he takes over as production director for foreign advertising films, such as American Express, Barrilla, Orange and SFR, among others.

He also had the added responsibility of doing all the scriptwriting and budgeting for advertising films that were to be shot in Portugal.

The dedication and pleasure we take from the art of storytelling, whatever the ultimate goal, whether it is a commercial, social institutional or independent film, has earned us recognition in several national and international festivals: Lusos Awards, Short Sadinas, Villa do Conde Festival, Filmaka, FIAP, Cannes Advertising Festival, among others.

Over these past 20 years, we have had the opportunity to produce and film throughout the world in numerous international co-productions: Spain, Belgium, France, Sweden, England, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Thailand, Timor, Angola, Sao Tome, etc.

It was during a production in Brazil that we met our friend and partner Fernando Serzedelo, starting off a new challenge - STILL MOV that focuses on the production, co-production and production services for films and TV series. joins the years of experience of international productions by a leading Portuguese production company, Still Productions and its Ceo José Neto with producer / director, Fernando Serzedelo who has an extensive experience in producing blockbusters, video clips and independent films for an international market, namely North America, UK and Brazil.